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It is early days for this site

This page a placeholder, for the moment... but I did put NO ROBOTS in headers, hoping to stop Google, etc from listing it in search results, to spare you wasted time.

I have started moving my "Helpful Hints" pages to here from their first home. Some of those pages are at their old home, some at a third site(!)... but some have made it to here. Apologies for any navigation snags you hit... PLEASE write and tell me, if you encounter one?

What You Want To Know (wywtk.com) has also acquired a few "Book Mad" (i.e. "mad about books"... a collector) pages. The main "trove" for those is on my older site, and has it's own, non-https, index page. But as you don't have to enter any information to have full access to those pages, the "s" really doesn't matter, does it?

For now, I suggest you head over to my old, mature sites... There's an index to them at...


There is a lot of "stuff" in them... particularly "stuff" about using the Libre Office database, using Lazarus (similar to Delphi), using the Arduino.

From the link in the next paragraph, you can get something that doesn't have a "proper" mention in any of my other "index" pages, yet. I also offer a page (with another copy of the download link) that will tell you about my simple "slideshow" application.

Or just download the application and sourcecode of my simple "slideshow"- free. For Windows. Yes! Yet another!

This page's editor, Tom Boyd, will be pleased if you get in touch by email. Suggestions welcomed! Please cite "wywtk/index.htm".

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