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Interactive PDFs- make them for free

Make PDFs with places for users to fill things in
For free- with LibreOffice Writer

(Page's URL: interactive_pdfs.htm)

You can do it! It isn't hard, and it doesn't cost anything. Windows, Linux, or Mac. (I've tested on Windows 10)

All you need is LibreOffice.

With LibreOffice you can make PDFs easily. "Ordinary" PDFs for everyday use. Or "fancy" PDFs with places where users can tick boxes, use radio buttons, or fill in whatever text they wish to write. The PDF can be saved, complete with the user's additions. The saved PDF can then, for instance, be returned to someone who needs what the user has supplied.

ALL LibreOffice Writer and Calc documents can be saved with a password, including exported PDFs. (I suspect other things from LibreOffice

The main "gotcha"

I think a Text Box would be the thing most people want to put on any editable PDF they are creating.

And it seems a pretty safe "walk before you try to run" place to start your experimentation.

There's a cruel "gotcha": Libre Office has two "Text Box" things.

The "obvious", every day one, the one you can add to a document with the icon on the Standard toolbar won't work for creating a text box on a PDF that users can then fill in.

What you need for your interactive, editable PDF is one of the Text Boxes that arise if you use the Form Controls toolbar's "Text Box" icon. Sigh. But at least the answer is simple!

(You may need to use "View/Toolbar" in the main menu to make that toolbar appear on your screen.)

((image'inter_pdf_form_cont_tools.png' should appear here))

See it to believe!

You can download a .zip of a PDF with which users can interact. Use the link. Play with that to see an interactive (i.e. editable) PDF in action.

The PDF is more than a demo. It also explains much more fully the details of how to make a PDF with fields users can type text into. Etc.

Remember- you have noting to buy. You can also download a zip of the .odt document used to create the PDF.

You haven't installed LibreOffice yet? (Don't worry... the link doesn't start the install process.) Humm. That IS a bit of a pain for you... but not a big pain. And there are so many benefits for you, if you do install it! It isn't just for doing interactive PDFs!

Enjoy! Let me know how it goes for you.

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