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Inscription? Printed text?

Good news, if you have Versace's Senza Cravatta / Without Ties

(Page's URL: senza.htm)

I bought a book. It SEEMED to have an inscription on an early page. But WAS IT an inscription? Or was the text cleverly printed, to look like an inscription?

A dealer was offering an inscribed copy of the book, and kindly sent me a picture of the inscription in his copy. And, hurrah, if the inscription is merely printed, it does at least appear in multiple variations! (Unlikely, I think. Don't be fooled by the pen/ ink used into undervaluing your book.) (If you are wanting a copy, I was supplied with the comparison inscription by https://www.bookmine.com. (This was mid December, 2022.)

Inscription in book-some above printed graphic Inscription in book-all below printed graphic

If you are a dealer, and want to cite this page in a description of a copy you are selling, by all means feel free to do so. Even better, send a good image of the inscription in the copy you are selling. Tell me what text to put under it, e.g. "For sale from MyBookstore.com". (I will add a "at ...[date]" to any such.)

To feed the Google search engine...

The books I am talking about are the Italian and English versions of Gianni Versace's L'Uomo Senza Cravatta / Men Without Ties.

ISBN 13s: 9788886482219 / 9780789200013

Stop press! The plot thickens!

I thought the material above pretty well answered the questions... and then the following arrived from a dealer...

"This... book was in production before Versace was shot and died near his home in Miami Beach, Florida.

"[It] was then printed and released, after his death...

"Therefore, there are no "personally hand signed" copies of Men Without Ties"

So! I don't know what to tell you! You'll have to make up your own mind!

Are "inscriptions" sometimes printed?

I have a lovely book, and for a long time thought it was inscribed. It certainly looks inscribed.

Ah. But. The book was published as a memorial to someone who died young. And the inscription was supposedly by the subject of the book...?

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