A mystery- Promotion of Linneaus's scheme for binomial naming?

What are these plates from?

Channel your inner "Antiques Roadshow" (please)

Please pass on to anywhere you can think to share it

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I recently came across two plates which had come from a book. 507 mm x 325 mm. Pretty! and maybe more than "just pretty"...

They are much prettier than the images suggest! I tried to make them very "clear" for the purposes of this page.

I'd like answers to: What book they came from? When was it published?

They very much seem to be facing pages. On one, Linnaeus' proposal is set out. On the other, Tournefort's ideas get presented. (The Tournefort scheme had been taught to Linnaeus when he was at school.)

Across the top of the two pages is...

Tableau élémentaire de botanique, / suivant Linnaeus et Tournefort

((q-alt text for image))

On the left, below, Linnaeus' diagram, from Systema Naturae, 1735. On the right, a detail from part of one of the mystery plates...

((q-alt text for image)) ((q-alt text for image))

The Natural History Museum in Paris lists the same plates in its collections. But unless my poor French is letting me down, they only have the plates, not the book they came from, and the catalog entry doesn't shed much light. Here's what the plates look like, overall, though...

((q-alt text for image))

So, Internet-Land... Help? SOMEONE must know SOMETHING about these lovely two plates?

(I fear that the images do not do them justice. They were processed to make the plates legible, not to be a faithful representation.)

If you can help...

Please get in touch if you have answers... or even ideas! (Or if you discover flaws in the page!) Please mention the page's URL. (wywtk.com/boma/linntab/linntab-main.htm). (The last bit would be enough, if you aren't using copy/paste!)

If you found this of interest, please mention in forums, give it a Facebook "like", Google "Plus", or whatever. If you want more of this stuff, help!? There's not much point in me writing these things, if no one feels they are of any use.

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