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Book Mad: Cheltenham

Then... 1814... and now.
(Take the Cheltenham waters; never be bilious again!)

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An interesting map turned up inside a book. The book is still available (by mail, if necessary) as I write this. You would get it from Tim and Pinda Bryars' fine establishment in London's Cecil Court, which is where the link would take you.

I found the Bryars and Bryars description of the book on Facebook highly amusing...

    "This map from a Regency treatise on biliary diseases (truly,
    there is something for everyone at Bryars & Bryars) shows
    the locations of the mineral wells at Cheltenham...

    "This Dr Jameson character was instrumental in opening some
    of the new wells, and in publicizing them. I respect his hustle:
    first you buy this learnèd tome to find out what ails you; then
    you discover the cure is spa water..."

But even without the other things that made the book interesting, amusing.... though it didn't mean to be!... I was fascinated by "old Cheltenham". Of course, the wonderful Google Maps rapidly delivered an aerial view of the same bit of the planet today...

((q-alt text for image)) ((q-alt text for image))

If you want them, if you look closely there are four little arrows... two on each image... to help you "line up" the features on one with those on the other.

I don't think I would like everything I would find in 1814... but the lack of urban "growth" would certainly be a blessing.

The 60's classic film "If" was filmed at Cheltenham College... socially equivalent to what is called a "prep" school, for those readers who speak US "English". (The BFI voted this the 12th greatest British film of all time.)

I guess the boys didn't get enough spring water. Travis was certainly bilious. (Joke! The College was only the set of the film, not the model! A good school. But only founded long after this map. 1841. Vs early 1600s for one I am fond of. (It, coincidentally, was approached by the film-makers before they asked Cheltenham. The older school declined the opportunity.))

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