Just a bit of fun

But free! (Runs on Windows)
A simple "Quotes server"

(Page's URL: basicquotes.htm)

No "tutorial" as such... but there are rems in the sourcecode, and the start of one in a .txt file.

But you DON'T NEED ONE to Just Use It

"It" being a simple little program to throw pictures up in a little window in the corner of your screen. (Or a whole-screen window, if you wish, but you might as well use the Windows screensaver for that, no?!)

((q-alt text for image)) ((q-alt text for image))

And the "picture" can be a picture of some words, which is why the thing is called a "quotes" server.

A few readers will have webservers. If you do, you can use this to make a static page dynamic! Your static page can have a picture on it that automatically changes. Not on already fetched copies of the page. But to delight anyone who revisits your page.

Want to know more? Write me! Details below.

Enjoy! If only "just" using it. Even more so, if you Do Things with the very basic source code.


Here's the link to get a zip file with all you need. It even has a "starter set" of images..

You can get

To "just use", you only need to put BasicQuotes.exe somewhere, and the folder "QuotesSupply" in the same folder.

Change the images in "QuotesSupply", and, WHEN YOU'VE RESTARTED QuotesServer.exe, you'll get different images in the display.

A few words from the sponsors...

Please get in touch if you discover flaws in this page. Please mention the page's URL. (wywtk.com/lut/basquo/basicquotes.htm).

If you found this of interest, please mention in forums, give it a Facebook "like", Google "Plus", or whatever. If you want more of this stuff, help!? There's not much point in me writing these things, if no one feels they are of any use.

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