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==== Introduction to this family of pages about using FarWatch systems------

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FarWatch and FarWatchWatcher have been around since before "IoT" ("Internet of Things") became a popular expression, but they are of that world.


...is a concept, a range of hobbyist/ school-project friendly devices and software. (Not that it is restricted to those arenas!) FarWatch systems allow you to "watch" something "from afar". Not "watch" as in a live video feed, but to "watch" by watching numbers... graphs of the temperature someplace, for instance. Some FarWatch installations have an extra capability: The watcher can, for instance, turn a light on at the watched place.

This may sound terribly esoteric, but getting started needn't require a nuclear physicist on the team.

Arduservers are the best developed devices for the watched place. But you can "brew your own", in any hardware you like.


...are, up to now, mostly applications written to run in a Windows PC. But again, brew your own!

They access the data at the watched site over the internet (or just your LAN), and use it in various ways... for instance to display graphs of historical and current conditions, to record the data in files. Or even to set the computer beeping to announce a problem.

v v v v v v v v v v


ICH07a- Sparkfun "Thing Dev"- Esp8266 Arduserver with.. lots!

This reports...

The processor has 1 bit of output available to the user. At present, that bit controls an LED which shines on a phototransistor. (See next.) The LED's state can be changed by anyone who accesses the webserver with a browser, and issues a "read" command.

The processor also has "knows" the reading from an analog sensor. This is available to anyone who accesses the webserver with a browser, and issues a "read" command... read Arduserver's page carefully. It is not returned as part of the hidden, machine-friendly string that FarWatchWatchers watch.

If you go to the server directly, there are commands that let you turn an LED on or off.

Server returns like...


... which translates as follows...

At 8/21, this server has run well for years, at least for reporting the two temperatures.

The temperatures are the temperatures in two rooms, in a home south of London, near the Channel, within ten miles of https://whatthreewords.com/whatthreewords.com (I hope to move one of them outside, or at least to near the kettle in the kitchen, soon, but am too busy writing this for you just now!

I'm not sure that all of the followjung are woking properly at 18 Aug 21.

The counters: One is attached to a push button. (I was doing testing.) The other counts edges seen if a PIR sees activity in work-room. As long as any exterior door is open, a stream of pulses will be connected to that same counter.

The analog value comes from a phototransistor that sees only the LED controlled by the processor that serves the page.

The input is connected to a toggle switch. Again... this is just for system testing. Someday I'll attach it to something significant.

See http://sheepdogguides.com/elec/misc/esp8266/Esp8266-Arduserver.htm for further details.

ICH07a9b- Huzzah with two HTU31Ds

This reports a "tick count" and two temperatures and two humidities. Information on the sensors is at http://wywtk.com/ec/iec/iec220-HTU31D-tture-humidity.htm

cccccc stt.tt hh.hh stt.tt hh.hh

cccccc: 167936 in example. Iterations of main loop since power restored.
stt.tt: +93.75 Temperature, in degrees F
hh.hh: 29.37 Relative humidity, as a percent.

... then the stt.tt and hh.hh are repeated once.

At 18 Aug 21, the two sensors are close to one another. One is in the exhaust from a PC, the other is nearby.

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