Web Services and Windows Software You Might Like

The following is are mostly things in which I have no interest, apart from being a happy user. (Where I have any interest, it is slight, and explained. And I am only recommending things which I would recommend in any case.)

Somewhat dated, written 6/12: Thoughts on reading eBooks... with or without dedicated hardware. (2/18: I was using "FBReader" on an Android (once in a while... but more than any alternative!)... until it died... a year ago? Didn't miss it enough to fight very hard to re-install. (Went to see if an update would "cure"... and found, today, it is working again!))

You need to be careful about spyware. As far as I am aware, none of the software I mention in these pages has spyware. Some programs, e.g. Eudora, may give you "am I infected?" concerns. They are offered in a "paid for" version, and in a "free" version. You don't pay cash for the "free" version, but the copyright holders may be generating revenue by taking payment from advertisers. The software will fetch new ads from time to time. The process is not a burden, if you have a good internet connection, but some spyware blockers may flag the activity.

I can't promise that every service or program in these pages will run first time, every time, without "features" (as in B-U-G-S!) Windows itself can't make that promise, after all! I will promise you that I have had no trouble with little inconsequential things, or only trouble that wasn't outweighed by the benefits of larger things. I tend to be quite conservative about what I put on my machines. When I was young, enthusiastic, and foolish, I tried things endlessly... and learned what that can cost. If you don't have two machines, one of which is reserved for being trashed and rebuilt from time to time, I would recommend that you be cautious about trying things on a whim. "I can always uninstall them", the innocents cry. Not (always) so, I'm afraid. And sometimes adding program "B" to your computer "breaks" program "A" which was running fine, and which you need. And sometimes program "A" isn't one you run very often, and by the time you try it again, and find it not working, it has been a while since you installed the new program which "broke" "A", and so you fail to notice the connection. Sigh.

The services I've listed on the web services pages are things I've found on the internet which I like, and think would be useful to others. Many are free, almost all can be used free at some level. I've tried to make clear what costs are entailed.

The programs I've listed on the freeware page are things you can use, forever, on multiple machines, without paying anything, and with no significant limitations. Some of them may have "big brothers" for which you would have to pay, if you wanted to use them, but all of the programs are useful in their own right.

The programs listed on the shareware page can all be used to a reasonable degree during an evaluation period. Some of them are time limited, some are feature limited, some just rely on your sense of decency. "Shareware" implies that you get to try something out, before you part with any money, and, if you like it, you pay. If you don't like it, or don't need the "must-pay-for" features, you don't pay. Usually, if you don't pay, you are obliged to stop using the program after you've evaluated it.

The programs on the retail products page must be purchased before you can see what they do. Pig in a poke, anyone?

Most of the things in these pages can be downloaded, but if you are on a dial-up connection, there are some that you might prefer to obtain via a magazine cover disc, or by ordering a CD. Again, I've tried to make clear when a large download is involved.

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