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One mile away...

Make a map YOURSELF. The Old Way
And why some people enjoy doing this
Including a one-mile-distant object... without visiting it!

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This is a detail page, among several which show you how you could make a map. Yourself. No Google. No electronics.

The "parent page"...

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A specific example, using the most basic technique

Details another time, but I did this 55 years after I first started thinking about it. When I say "this", I mean "drew the following map", based on data collected by me, from a specific baseline, to a specific distant point.

The point of the map was to determine the distance between the baseline and the distant point... Although, as you know if you've studied the other pages in this set, it could be the start of a map showing more than just the baseline, and the location of one distinctive house a little more than two miles from it.

This page shows you my results, from using the simplest way to apply the data

This first image is pretty dull, I know... but it is an overall view "the map". The map is about 1.4m across... almost as wide as an adult is tall. Drawing it at such a large scale minimizes the effect of small errors. But it also makes drawing very straight lines... and they need to be very straight... hard!

(image one_m_p_overview_lp1210091.jpg)

They are hard to see in this image... but close-ups of the important bits are provided in a moment.

The the important bits of pencil lead on that large sheet of paper are at the lower right, where the baseline's appearance on the map exists, and the lower left, where the lines going to and past "C" from angles CAB and ABC cross.

The important bits

At the lower right on my map, we have...

(image one_m_p_ab_lp1210094.jpg)

At the lower left, we have...


To be incorporated somewhere in due course...

(image .jpg)
(image .jpg)
(image .jpg)
(image .jpg)
(image .jpg)
(image .jpg)

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