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Some thoughts arising from making a pendulum
regulated wooden clock,

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(This page is a "descendant" of a more general page about a clock I made from an excellent kit. (I have nothing to do with Abong, the kit supplier, beyond being a happy customer.)

Do you get "brain fizz"? (And enjoy it?)

Do you look at something, and have fun with totally unnecessary "What if...?" questions?

If not... this page is NOT for you!

Still reading? Good! Welcome, fellow (geek?)/ enquiring mind/ engineer.

I made a wooden clock, from a kit.

And was fascinated by various choices the designers had made.

For instance...

Driving wheel

The clock is powered by weight having on a string. The string is wrapped around a drum. The weight/string make the drum "want" to turn. In fancier terms, they generate torque.

Now... a big weight means lots of torque. So the clock is less likely to stop. But it also means more wear and tear on the mechanism. What's the happy medium?

=== And then there's the diameter of the drum the string is wound on. The larger the diameter, the better, in come complicated ways. But it also means that you need to wind the clock more frequently, for the same amount of string, and all other things being equal. (But you can use a lighter weight... but bigger drum/ lighter weight will STILL make as much wear and tear on the mechanism, if your bigger-lighter fir a certain criterion.

Those are the sorts of things...

Those are the sorts of things that your mind can find in something as simple as the little clock that started this.

I will try to come back to this and give you more examples, but there are other demands on my time today... sorry!

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