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Your life... in one page

A different perspective

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Does it matter?....

Does it matter if you waste 10 minutes? Where does "the time" go.

What if you KNEW you were going to die in 24 hours? Would you be doing this?

I hope you don't know you will be dying in 24 hours. But is the time any less precious, even though you don't know?

Our time is all we have

We were born. We will die.

We ALL have some TIME between those events. Nothing else is given to everyone.

How have you spent the time you've had so far? How "long" is a "normal" life?

Let's draw a "map" of a life on a single sheet of paper

(In a moment, I'll give you some links where you can download a Life In One Page forms. But you don't need them.)

((q-alt text for image))

When I first realized I could do a map of my Life In One Page, it was vaguely scary.

We know a year is 12 months of roughly 4 weeks. 12x4=48. 48 2mm boxes fit nicely across a page.

If you assume that you might live 80 years, and you make your boxes 2mm high, as well as 2mm wide, you can fit 80 rows on a sheet of paper.

As I say, when I first drew it out, it brought home to me that a year my "fly" by... but we need to get "stuff" out of it. "80 years" sounds like "forever". It doesn't look like much. Well, it didn't to me, anyway.

The following is a .pdf. It will give you a blank 48 x 80 grid.

Click to download a blank "Life In One Page" pdf. (lifeinonepageblank-but-see-note-at-bottom.pdf). (Note: DOWNLOAD first, then open the download. Don't take "open with Libre Office" option immediately after you click the link... it will have opened in a read-only state.)

If you have just a little skill with a computer, you can use the following LibreOffice spreadsheet to create a Life In One Page with the years filled in neatly, all down one side, as in the other .pdfs which I will provide links to in a moment...

Click to download a blank "Life In One Page" pdf. (lifeinonepageblank-but-see-note-at-bottom.ods) Save it first, then, from your hard drive, open it. (If you let your system send it directly to your spreadsheet app, it will open in read-only mode.) Most cells are protected, but see what happens when you put 1995 into A3!

It was created for Libre Office. If other spreadsheet programs can't load it, try the FREE Libre Office? (OR fetch one of the .pdf's offered below.)

Click to download a blank "Life In One Page" pdf starting with 1955.

Click to download a blank "Life In One Page" pdf starting with 1970.

Click to download a blank "Life In One Page" pdf starting with 1990.

Click to download a blank "Life In One Page" pdf starting with 1995.

For our purposes, we are displaying the months with four boxes. Each is ROUGHLY a week, of course. If you want to be more precise, you can use the....

lifeinonepage-week-calculator.ods (Click to download an LibreOffice .ods worksheet.)

...to find easily what quarter of the month any day falls in. The worksheet also makes a good way to organize what you want to put into the Life In One Page you are making.

If you want to put things straight onto a Life In One Page you can just use...

Fun? Thought provoking?

I hope so! *I* had fun with it, found it thought provoking, anyway.

You might find it fun to do one that puts MANY lives on one page... Set the first line "year" to zero, and put in markers to show the length of different people's lives. (Wikipedia?) (Or use a timeline!)

You might want to color-code the dots... with different colors for when the person concerned lived. Perhaps red for 20th century, green for 19th century, blue for 18th, and so on.

If the person is famous for one particular thing, perhaps put a dot on the Life(s) In One Page for WHEN that happened. For example, Edward Jenner, died 26 January 1823 (aged 73), inoculated little Phipps on 14 May 1796. As Jenner was born 17 May 1749, that would make him very nearly 47 years old at the time, wouldn't it? (I'm dreadful with "age" calculations!)

As I think Flanders and Swann put it, by the time Mozart was 47, he'd been dead for 12 years. On the other hand, Mozart wrote his Missa Brevis in G when he was 12. It may not be "the" piece he is famous for... but if I played you two bits of Mozart, told you "THOSE were by Mozart", then four more pieces, including the Missa Brevis, but with the other three by other composers, I think you'd pick out the one written by Mozart.

Dig around in Wikipedia... I think you'll be surprised at when (at what age) people did things. Churchill was OLD to be running a country during a war, for instance. And Ben Franklin was old, compared to the other "Founding Fathers". Dig out tables of life expectancy across history, and across the globe. Put those numbers on a "Life In One Page"... and be glad you live now... and, probably, in the US. (My sites seem to be visited from the US more often than elsewhere.)

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